Winter School on Coulomb Branches


December 21-22/27-29, 2017               Rm.8101, KIAS

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A mathematical foundation on Coulomb branches is established recently by

Hiraku Nakajima et al. In this school, Ryosuke Kodera and Hiraku Nakajima

give lecture series on Coulomb branches and the related topics, e.g., Cherkis bow varieties.



Preschool Program Dec. 21 ~ 22

School Program Dec. 27 ~ 29



     Ryosuke Kodera (Kyoto Univ.)

     Hiraku Nakajima (RIMS, Kyoto)



     Jaeyoo Choy (Kyungpook National Univ.)

     Bumsig Kim (KIAS)



     DaEun Kim (