The 2nd IBS-KIAS

 Joint Workshop at High 1

Jan.7(Sun.) - Jan. 13(Sat.),2018 

High 1 Resort 

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Notice is hereby given that The 2nd IBS-KIAS Joint Workshop will be held in High1 Resort, on Sunday 7 january 2018 at 6.30pm.


1. Transportation

<Shuttle Users>

We have prepared a shuttle bus that goes from KIAS to our workshop venue (High 1 Resort Hill condominium) via Samseong station. The bus will be located at shuttle bus parking lots in front of KIAS Main gate and #1 exit of Samseong station. It is scheduled to leave at 14:30(KIAS) & 15:00(Samseong station), so we would appreciate if you could come to the bus stop on schedule. Ms. Hyosin Noh (010-5272-1391) will be waiting at the spot.

<Self-driving or Public Transportation Users>  

Please see the below link When you've arrived please go the seminar room(Lilly hall, HILL CONDOMINIUM) and find the staff (Mr. Minsoo Namgoong/010-6268-1459) he will be waiting after 4pm.


2. Registration and Check-in

<Shuttle Users>

Check-in will be made at the seminar room(Lilly hall, HILL CONDOMINIUM) with registration after arrival. The staff will kindly distribute the room keys.

<Self-driving or Public Transportation Users>  

There Is No individual check-in. Please visit to the seminar room(Lilly hall, HILL CONDOMINIUM Fwing 3F). Mr. Minsoo Namgoong (010-6268-1459) will give you the room-key at the seminar room after 4 P.M.


3. Meals


Meals(Free coupons) will be provided for all the event participants (Not for the accompanying family members)

The coupon can be redeemed at


Athena Kitchen





The workshop banquet will be held on Wednesday night (Including family members)


4. SKI package

Ski lental coupon & lift card will be provided 10am, 8th, Jan. at the seminar room(Lilly hall, HILL CONDOMINIUM)

The lift card is available between 10:00am, 8th Jan. to 5:00pm, 12th Jan

More details will be given at the seminar room.