IPMU-KIAS-Kyunghee Univ.

joint workshop



6-8th Dec.       KIAS #1503

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This workshop will cover a broad range of topics in string theory and supersymmetric gauge theory that includes the 3d/3d correspondence, integrability from gauge theory, scattering amplitudes of N=(2,0) theory, and SYK model. With the field exploding rapidly and broadly, it is timely to gather the experts for sharing insights and broad perspectives.


The workshop is planned for three days from Dec 6 to Dec 8. The idea is to have about three talks a day, such that there is sufficient time for private discussions and collaborations among the participants.





   Keiju Murata (Keio Univ, Japan)

   Wolfger Peelaers (Rutgers, USA)

   Congkao Wen (Caltech, USA)

   Matthias Weissenbacher (IPMU, U of Tokyo, Japan)

   Jenny Wong (IPMU, U of Tokyo, Japan)

   Marco Bertolini (IPMU, U of Tokyo, Japan)

   Junggi Yoon (ICTS, India)

   Antonio Sciarappa (KIAS, South Korea)

   Dongmin Gang (SNU, South Korea)





   Sungjay Lee (KIAS)

   Nakwoo Kim (Kyunghee U.)

   Masahito Yamazaki (IPMU)




   Hyosin Noh (hyosinnoh@kias.re.kr)